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Wall Mounted Ironing Boards

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What color is the plastic ABS cover?

The color of the plastic ABS cover is soft cream

What is the approximate size of the ABS cover?

Height 63cm or 24¾" x Width 59cm or 23¼" x Depth 11cm or 4 3/8"

Can I purchase additional cloth ironing covers?

Additional replacement ironing covers are available from our website

Can I fit the Ironing Center onto most interior walls?

Providing you have a solid area of wall. For details and installation instructions click on the HELP button

Approximately how much vertical wall space do I need to allow for the ironing board to rotate 180 degrees?

67" or 1.7m of wall space if rotating board in open position or 31" or 79cm if rotating board in closed position

Can the Ironing Center be installed in a corner section of wall?

Providing you have a solid area of wall (for details and installation instructions click on the HELP button)

At what height should I install the Ironing Center?

If you would like to retain your current ironing board height, simply measure its height; deduct 40mm (1" 5/8). to retain the approximate height of your old ironing board. For details and installation instructions please view PDF's on this page above

Can I install the full size Ironing Center in my hallway?

The full size Ironing Center is designed to open parallel to a wall, allowing installation in areas such as hallways