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What are people saying about our products?

I purchased an ironing board for the wall. It is great I am so sorry that I did not know about this product sooner. I recommend it to all my friends. It is truly revolutionary.

I just received my personal Ironing Center and was extremely impressed with its aesthetic and functional design, but moreover with its sturdy structure! My biggest concern was that the product would be too light and flimsy, but instead, I was extremely surprised by its overall design. I immediately installed my new ironing board in my laundry room where it enhances functionality and flair to the room. I plan to bring your product to the attention of my local Home Depot and Lowes. Thank you for a true great product!

I received my wall mounted ironing board, and absolutely love it! The design is superior to any of wall mounted ironing boards available in the US. I should know I've been shopping for something like this for about three years.
Margery, CA

Wonderful! I really am enjoing our new ironing center (as much as one can enjoy ironing) you have been so pleasant to work with and really went above and beyond for me. I really can't thank you enough for all your help with this. I also can't believe how fast y'all are. Good luck with everything and I will most highly recommend your product and service. Thanks again.

A enthusiastic thank you for your great customer service. I arrived home from shopping with my wife today Sat April 16, to find a package from your warehouse with a new cover. Thank you!
If I can ever be of any help to you in Chicago , please call me. I'm truly impressed with your product and your customer service.

I just wanted to let you know I received the ironing board today. Thank you so much! I hope I enjoy the ironing board as much as I have enjoyed dealing with an honest, caring and creative business person. Enjoy the holidays.

I can't tell you how thrilled we are with this product! We recently purchased a beautiful condo and struggled for months with where to place an ironing board that was accessible to both us, and our guests. Your ironing center is absolutely perfect for our needs and we just love it. Thanks again for an excellent product and excellent service!

It is wonderful. "The easiest thing he has ever installed", my husband says. We are both very impressed. Even my son, although he has yet to do any ironing on it. Thank you for the perfect solution to my ironing requirements.

Just to let you know the ironing board arrived on Tuesday, as predicted. It is a GREAT product, made so nice, not a hunk of junk that will fall apart in a month. My husband said it was the easiest thing he ever had to install, and for that he Thanks you.

This is without a doubt the best and most professional treatment I have ever received ordering on the internet. Thank you so much.

The service was unbelievable. I got the part a few days ago, almost quicker than if it had been mailed to me locally. Thanks for the great service.

Thanks so much. Again, we love the product and are so happy we found it.

I love my Ironing Center..... Thanks!

I have received the Ironing board and I love it. Thanks for your prompt response to my e-mail.

This is just what I have been looking for and the price is great.
Jo Ann

The reason I am ordering another one is for my father-in-law, He saw it and was amazed by how sturdy and compact it is when folded up, I agree, it was a snap to install and a lot better product then I expected. I had originally bought the type that folds up into the wall, but when I brought it home it was defective, so I brought it back, went home, went on-line and found your product by just typing in (folding ironing board) and your product came up, again easy to install and well worth the money!!

I have received my wall mounted ironing board shipped to Canada. Thank you for taking my order over the phone. I appreciated your info on how to calculate the proper height to mount it at. I have installed it in my walk in closet and love it. I am now telling all my friends about it. It is everything you said and the web site said it would be.
Thank you.

I've bought a lot of stuff over the internet and most times been disappointed with something that did not meet my expectation but not so with this ironing board, it's built like a tank, good job.

I love the ironing board. It was easy to install - I actually did it twice since my wife did not like where I put it the first time.

The ironing center arrived...and I love it! Easy to install, well made...everything I was hoping for. Of course, the only downside is now I have no excuse for not ironing.
Thanks again,

This is to let you know that we have received and installed our new Life Style Ironing Center. We are very pleased with the unit - it is a very nice design and has truly solved a long-standing space problem in our house.
Best regards,

I think you have done a great job of designing this Center. Everything works fine and we are very happy. Looks like you have a winner. Good luck with your sales.
Thanks a Lot,

I really appreciate your committment to customer service and your follow up with customers. It's very rare in this day and age in person and practically non-existent on the internet.
I love my Ironing Center. I was very impressed with it's quality and heavy duty construction. I am confident that it will last for years and if I have any difficulties you will stand behind your product and have a solution for me.
I had a friend install it. I am very satisfied with your product and your customer service. I am showing all of my neighbors and friends my "cool new toy" and will highly recommend the Ironing Center.

The board arrived in 4 days from the time I ordered it! Excellent delivery time. As I believe I said we are building a new home and I had my finished carpenter install it. No problem with the installation. Looks great, the laundry room is a Dijon mustard color so blended right in.

My wife thoroughly enjoys her ironing center. It frees up space in our master bath and is much easier to pull out, use, and put away than our old standard ironing board. Installation was simple. Thank you.

My wife is right handed and I am left handed. The Ironing Center works perfectly in our small utility room. Installation was as easy as the ABC's. Quality and Performance are excellent. Thank you for asking.

Although we haven't used it yet. We installed it in our master bath area, outside the closet. It looks like it will work out well.

You guys are fast!! I can't believe how quick you got this to me. I was like a kid at Christmas when this arrived. I was so looking forward to putting this to use, that I had it unpackaged and up in less than one hour (I'm mechanically inclined).
My husband was nagging about me buying something without seeing how it was made. He too is impressed with the quality and ease of use. I already have my teenage daughter ironing.
This was my X-mas gift to myself this year, and by all means, the best dollar I have spent in a long time. I have a narrow laundry room and this has given me a little more free space for ironing without having to leave the room.
I have been telling everyone about it and know that I have a few other sold on the idea for themselves. Thanks for your interest in my purchase.

The installation took all of 15 minutes and we are very happy with the ironing center. We've been blessed lately, and the walk in closet in our new house is bigger than my first apartment.
But it's still nice not to feel crowded by a full size ironing board in the middle of the floor. The ironing center is inconspicuous and easy to use. Thanks for making a great product.

We have installed and used the new ironing board. The installation was extremely easy and the board is very sturdy and convenient to set up and put away.
My wife did not used to put the old board away when she was not using it because it was akward and heavy; as a result the board was always set up in the middle of the floor. But now she puts the new board away when she is finished because it is so easy.
She has found it very convenient to use and is glad we bought that one because the other folding boards are too narrow. We have shown it to several neighbors, who are all impressed so we gave them your web site.

The Ironing Center was everything I expected it to be. We are very impressed with the quality of the materials, and with the design. I love showing it off to my friends! Actual installation was fairly simple. PS Thanks also for the fast shipping!

We have used the ironing center, and it works well, as expected. Very sturdy, and fits well in the space we have available. Thanks for a great product!

Simply put, I LOVE IT!

My husband just installed the ironing board in our master closet last weekend. It folded down nicely. My husband didn't complain about installation difficulties so it must have been okay. If I have any issues once I start using it I will let you know. We will only be using it on occasion when we need a quick touch up in the morning on something.

My husband just finished installing my Ironing Center in our brand new walk-in closet. He found it easy to install. I love it though I haven't ironed on it yet. I love the idea and the swivel feature seems good too. No more ironing board in our spare bedroom left up all the time!!!!! I am one who still irons some clothes and presses although some people I know never iron!

It was installed yesterday and I think that the ironing board is great and installation was (I am told) very easy. My vote is to congratulate you on the ironing board system.

The ironing boards are excellent. We have one installed in our condo and will install the other one soon at our beach house. It's great to have a convenient and unobtrusive ironing board.

If you would like to submit your own feeback please use our product feedback form.