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How to Iron a Dress Shirt Properly - Ironing Instructions

If you do not know how to properly iron a shirt, these simple instructions will help you make that dress shirt look like new!

Understanding how to iron a shirt is not as easy as it may seem from the outset. Ironingmethods vary from one item of clothing to the next. This is particularly true in terms of dress shirts. However, with a few simple instructions, ironing a shirt properly will seem as simple as any other everyday task.

When you begin the process of ironing a dress shirt, you should first take a glance at the label. This will reveal some pretty important information to you. The label should not only tell you what types of material the shirt contains, it may also tell you what setting to place your iron in order to get the best possible results. If you choose to ignore the warnings on the label, your dress shirt could be irreparably damaged.

Armed with knowledge about the material in your shirt, look at your iron carefully. Set the knob to the appropriate material type. Most irons have a setting for cotton, polyester, nylon, linen, rayon, wool, and silk. If your dress shirt is a blend of these materials, follow the manufacturer's instructions for ironing a shirt. While you're at it, it might also be useful to search the manual for a "how to iron shirt diagram."

Begin the actual process of ironing your dress shirt with the collar. Lay the back of the collar flat on the ironing board and run the preheated iron carefully over the surface of the shirt with a few quick strokes. Turn the collar over and do the same thing to the front. As you work through the shirt, it is important to note that you should never allow the iron to quit moving. If you do, you will certainly leave a burn mark on your shirt.

Your next step is to lay the one of sleeves carefully on your ironing board. Start by stretching the back top half of the sleeve over the point of the ironing board. Smooth the material down with your fingers. Run the iron over the back of the sleeve carefully. Try not to create any excess wrinkles as you iron. Once you are satisfied with the back, switch to the front. Take the bottom half of the sleeve, and stretch it smoothly across the ironing board. Press it and rotate it until all sides have been covered. then it is time to tackle the other sleeve in the same manner.

Now drape the front half of the shirt over the ironing board. Start with your iron at the shoulder of the shirt in smooth, careful strokes. Move toward the bottom of the shirt with strokes of the same manner. Turn the shirt and lay the back as flat as possible on your ironing board. Once again, move with careful, smooth strokes from the top to the bottom of the shirt.

Once you've finished ironing your dress shirt, hang it up immediately. Button both the top and the center buttons to keep it from wrinkling again.

Learning how to iron a dress shirt may seem like a difficult prospect from the start, but beginning with careful, smooth strokes from the collar to the tail will give you a fine looking garment.