Ironing boards help you maintain a presentable image, but choosing a space for them in small apartments can be a pain. Instead of dragging out a tiny ironing board that won't help with actually making your cloths looking great, you can opt for something newer and smaller; something in fact that you could tuck away with ease. If you reside in a small space, you might not have the luxury of a laundry room or even the closet space to stash your ironing board.


We checked out compact, wall-mount and folding ironing boards in a number of stores and online, but were often disappointed except for a couple of units. For those of you who face the ironing board dilemma, we've put together some different options, from wall-mounted cabinets to over-the-door organizers to folding ironing boards.

Depending on where you will need to position it, if you decide to get a foldaway ironing board and have to mount it in a hallway or something like that, get one that swivels. Otherwise, about 1/3 of the board isn't actually usable. If it doesn't swivel, then the largest part of the ironing board is too close to the wall.

<strong>Top three Ironing Boards for little Spaces:</strong>

<strong>* Fold-Away Wall-Mount Ironing Board by CreativeHomewares.</strong>

<strong>* Ultra Compact Wall-Mount Ironing Board</strong>

<strong>* Complete Mobile Laundry Center</strong>

<strong>Requirements for a great compact space ironing board. </strong>

Ironing Boards Should Be Simple to use - Ease of use should not be at the expense of strength, and its characteristics should be easy, but minus the weaknesses. A wall-mounted or compact ironing board should be able to be taken down or put back up very quickly. Nobody wants to solve a puzzle in order to iron cloths.

Ironing Boards Should Be Strong - Ironing boards should be stable, not flexing and not bending when you have to put weight on them to iron. Also, ironing boards need to be strong enough to be able to not flop around if you have a bunch of blouses or shirts on them as you iron several items.

Ironing Boards Ought to be Adjustable - Height adjustment is simply essential to adjust to users. Adjustment should be simple, but fixing the height of the board should be simple and easy and reliable.

Opening up floor plans, maximizing floorspace and getting an ironing board in your space could be a challenge. High-design and tiny apartments tend to be an experiment. It may not be the top issue in your life, but ironing solutions to help you do the things you actually have to do, like laundry can lessen a little stress for you daily.